About Us

About Us : – I am Blogger  & Founder of govtschemeweb.com. Govt Scheme Web is a platform where people are informed about various schemes launched by the Government of India and different state governments, as well as multiple services being run to make the benefits of these schemes accessible to the general public so that people can have easy access to these services.


Welcome to Govtschemeweb.com; if you want to know about the schemes launched by the Government of India and various state governments for social changes, this platform is perfect.

Govt Scheme Web’s blogsite has been started for those interested in getting complete, reliable, and latest information about schemes and facilitation portal run by the Government of India and other state governments in the social interest.

Govt Scheme Web was launched in March 2021 to provide detailed and reliable information to the people in the English language on the Government Schemes and Facilitation Portal. The main goal of the Govt Scheme Web is to provide information in simple and easy language to the poor people about the schemes for the development of the poor launched by the Government of India and the State Governments.

Govt Scheme Web is for all those who are interested in getting information about government schemes. This website is as good for people preparing for competitive exams as for people with knowledge about plans. Because in competitive exams, questions are often asked about various government schemes.

“The Govt Scheme Web shares not only new and reliable information about government schemes but also provides detailed information about the electricity provider companies and Discom’s across the country and the services they provide. “

By Yadav Sudesh