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How To Apply For DHBVN New Connection, And Check Status Online

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DHBVN New Connection– Before getting the complete information about the procedure to apply online DHBVN New Connection, you must know what DHBVN is and its full name? The full name of DHBVN is Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited.

It is a power distribution and supply enterprise owned by the Haryana Government, which distributes and supplies electricity in the southern parts of Haryana. Its headquarters is located in Hisar, Haryana. The Chief Minister of Haryana is the ex-officio Head of this power distribution company.

Presently the Chairman of the company is Sh. Shatrujeet Kapur, IPS, the Principal Secretary / Transport, Govt of Haryana. Director of South Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited is Sh. Balkar Singh, IAS. The company currently operates with two operational zones, Hisar and Delhi. A chief engineer heads each zone.

For convenience, each zone is divided into separate circles, and Superintendent Engineer heads each circle. The Hisar zone consists of 5 major areas of Haryana, namely Hisar, Sirsa, Fatehabad, Jind, Bhiwani, etc. While in the Delhi zone, Gurugram-I, Gurugram-II, Faridabad, Palwal, Rewari, Narnaul, etc., six significant areas are involved.

Presently this company is distributing power and supplying power in the above 12 districts of South Haryana. This company provides electricity to about 45 lakh electricity consumers belonging to the industrial, agricultural, non-domestic and domestic sectors of South Haryana.

DHBVN New Connection Application 

Suppose you reside or have a business in Bhiwani, Faridabad, Fatehabad, Gurugram, Hisar, Mewat, Mahendragarh, Rewari, Sirsa, Jind, Charkhi Dadri, and Palwal districts of Haryana. If you want to get a domestic or commercial electricity connection here, in that case, you have to apply for DHBVN New Connection under the Hisar and Delhi zone of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited.

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How to Apply For DHBVN New Connection  Online?

If you want to apply for DHBVN New Connection Online for South Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited, some steps for consumers and some steps for SDO have to be taken.

Steps for Consumers

Step-1: For DHBVN New Connection, first of all, go to the official website of South Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited. The official website home page will open. On the home page, the option of ‘New Connection’ will appear with Icon. Click on the link for ‘New Connection.’

Step 2: On clicking the link of ‘New Connection,’ it will be directed to you to the official website of DHBVN E-connection Portal. You can directly access this portal using the link https://econnection.dhbvn.org.in/. Some essential information for the applicant has been given on the main page of this web portal to read carefully before the online submission. Such as –

  • Application Form
  • Documents Required
  • Category of Supply
  • Charges required for release of connection
  • Timelines
  • Connected Load calculations
  • How to apply for LT and HT Connection

Before applying online, please read this information once carefully after downloading.

Step 3: To apply DHBVN New Connection, the Button of Apply will appear in the Apply for New Connection section on the Home Page. Click on the Apply button.

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DHBVN New Connection General Information –

Step 4: As soon as you click on the Apply button, the Online Application Form for DHBVN New Connection will open on your screen. In the Application Form, select Circle, Sub Division, Category, Application for, Type of Supply from the Drop Down List in the General Information Section. The Current Date will Automatically appear in the Field of Date.

DHBVN New Connection Applicant Particulars Details

Step 5: Now select Application Type, Firm Name / Individual from the drop-down list in the Applicant Particulars Details section. In the given field, fill in the necessary information asking for your name, father’s name, House Number, Village / City, Pincode, Email ID, Mobile Number, Aadhar Number, Landmark, Property ID, etc. Select Yes/No in Authorized Area.

Step 6: If the Correspondence Address is the same, then tick the box of Same as Above.

DHBVN New Connection Applied Load Details

Step 7: In the Applied Load Details section, fill up your Connected Load (KW), Purpose of Supply, Contract Demand (KVA). Select one of the Department of Consumer in Supply Metering Equipment drop-down lists. Keep in mind that in the case of AP Category, then entering load is in BHP.

DHBVN New Connection Upload Required Documents

Step 8: For DHBVN New Connection, you have required some papers such as – (i) User Photo (File size must be less than 50KB), (ii) Proof of Identity (File size must be less than 500KB), (iii) Proof of Ownership (File size must be less than 500KB), etc.

Step 9: Select one by one and upload all these documents according to the prescribed file size using the option of Choose File. Keep in mind that all documents uploaded should be self-attested and jpg, jpeg, pdf, and png format only.

Step 10: If you want to take the second DHBVN New Connection in the same Premise/Property as the DHBVN Connection already in the Premise/Property. In such a situation, please provide correct information of existing electricity connections in the columns of Account Holder, Account Number, Address, Category, Connected Load (KW), and Contract Demand (KVA) given in the application form.

DHBVN New Connection Declarations

Step 11: Read the Declaration Statements at the bottom of the Online Application Form carefully and tick in the check box of ‘I/we agree to the terms and conditions. Fill the captcha given below correctly in the specified field and click on the Apply button.

Step 12: On clicking the Apply button, a popup message of “Your Application has been submitted successfully” will come on your screen as Final Save and Payment. In this popup message, your DHBVN New Connection Application Number will be shown in the form of A11-116-381. Here you will see a link to print the Application Form. Go to the Print link and Take Print Out of Application Form.

Step 13: After printing the DHBVN New Connection Application Form, check the application form carefully to see if all the information is correct or not. If you feel that some information is wrong and want to edit something, then click on the option of “No I want to edit.” When you have completed the editing process, click on the button “Yes Submit” given below.

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DHBVN New Connection Payment

Step 14: While applying for DHBVN New Connection, consumers should keep in mind that within seven days of submitting the Online Application Form for New Connection DHBVN, Applicant must submit New Connection Charge Payment; otherwise, the applicant’s application can be canceled by the Department. This Charge can be done both online or offline. After making the Charge Payment, Applicants must get the New Connection DHBVN Payment Receipt.

Step 15: If you want to make an offline payment, then it can be done by using the following platforms of payment methods of NEFT, RTGS, Debit Card & Credit Card, etc. 

  • Atal Seva Kendra/Common Service Center (CSC) 
  • HARCO Bank 
  • Nigam Counters 
  • Epay Infoserve Pvt Ltd Panipat etc. Platform.

Step 16: If you want to make an online payment, then this payment can be made through such type of platforms:- 

  • Via Bill Desk (Net Banking) 
  • Google Pay / PhonePe 
  • Paytm (One 97 Communications) 
  • NEFT /RTGS (Yes Bank)  
  • DHBVN mobile app 
  • Point of Sale (Yes Bank) 

Step 17: Applicants can also make online Payments from the official website of DHBVN. For this, go to the official website of DHBVN and go to the “Track the Status or Pay Charges Online” section from the link of New Connection. Enter your Application Number in the Enter E Form Number Column. You can make online payments by clicking on the track button.

Step for Subdivisions: –

The SDO (Sub Divisional Officer) process starts after the DHBVN New Connection applicant submits the application form and submits the Charge Payment. SDO follows the following steps for further processing –

Step 1: SDO will log in on the official website. He will check online applications and uploaded papers submitted for DHBVN New Connection by the applicant. SDO will also check the payment made online / offline by the applicant. If all the uploaded documents are correct, then he will allow the application form. If the papers are not proper, he can cancel the application.

Step 2: If SDO feels that Verification of DHBVN New Connection site is necessary, then SDO can visit for verification of that site. If payment has been made by the applicant Offline, SDO will fill the Payment Receipt Number in the Online Application Form.

Step 3: After this, the SDO will approve the load on the applicant’s application, keeping in mind the Allotted Feeder & Transformer Details. After approving the load, SDO will forward the application to the Division. If SDO rejects DHBVN New Connection Application, it does not need to be forwarded.

Step 4: After this, the SDO, filling all the required details, issues a Demand Notice to the consumer along with the estimated amount. As soon as the Demand Notice is issued, the Electricity Department sends an Alert to the subscriber via email/Mobile to deposit the Demand Notice amount. The consumer can deposit the amount of Demand Notice Offline or Online.

Step 5: After depositing the Demand Notice payment, the SDO will fill the Demand Notice Compliance Report in the system and approve the Test Verification Report.

Step 6: After this, the SDO will Verify the Chief Electrical Receipt and upload the Line Diagram, Performa Report.

Step 7: After the fieldwork is over, he can issue the SCO if the SDO feels the need.

Step 8: If the applicant’s DHBVN New Connection Load is more than 50KW, SDO performs CEI Inspection. But if a load of New Connection is less than 50KW, he releases a New Connection to the applicant.

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How to Know DHBVN New Connection Charges?

If a person/consumer wants to get a new connection of South Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited and wants to see the Charge on the connection before taking a DHBVN new connection, then he can follow the following steps-

  • To find out DHBVN New Connection Charges, first, visit DHBVN’s official website. The official website home page will open.
  • On the home page, the option of ‘New Connection’ will appear with Icon. Click on the link for ‘New Connection.’ On clicking the link of ‘New Connection,’ you will be redirected to the official website of DHBVN E-connection Portal.
  • Go to the section “Calculate Your Charges” on the main page of this web portal. From the Drop Down List, select Category Meter Equipment.
  • Fill in the Load, Contract Demand information in the given field. As soon as the above information is filled in, the Application Processing Charges & Demand Notice Charges will be displayed on your system’s screen.
  • If you want to see the details of New Connection Charges, click on the View Detail link given below.
  • As soon as you click on View Detail, the details of all types of Charges will open on a new page, such as (i) Application Processing Fee, (ii) Advance Consumption deposit charges, (iii) Meter Installation Charges, (iv) Meter Testing Charges & (v) Fixed Service Connection Charges, etc.

How to view DHBVN New Connection Track / Status?

If you have submitted the Online Application Form for New Connection DHBVN and now want to check DHBVN New Connection Status online from the official portal of DHBVN, then follow the steps given below-

  • First of all, visit the official website of the E-connection portal of South Haryana Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited. The e-connection portal home page will open.
  • A section of “Track the Status or Pay Charges Online” will appear on the home page. Go to this section and fill in your DHBVN New Connection Application Number in the column of Enter E Form Number.
  • Click on the button “Track.” The current status of your DHBVN application will display on your screen.

DHBVN Important Download Links

ItemsDownload Links
Application Form Click Here
New Connection Required DocumentsClick Here
Category of SupplyClick Here
Charge required for release of connectionClick Here
Time LinesClick Here
Connected Load CalculationsClick Here
How to Apply for LT & HT Connection  Click Here

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DHBVN Customer Care/Helpline Number

DHBVN Head Office

Vidyut Sadan, Vidyut Nagar, Hisar- 125005

DHBVN Customer Care

  • Toll-Free: 1912 Or 1800-180-4334 
  • Email: 1912@DHBVN.org.in
  • Whatsapp No. : 8813999708

For Any Problem in New Connection

  • dhcomplaints@dhbvn.org.in

DHBVN New Connection Related FAQs: –

Q-1. Can the accuracy of a power meter be tampered with by any employee of a Service provider company?

Every power distribution company buys an electricity meter in which no change is possible. If a power company employee can tamper with a meter, the consumer can also tamper with that meter. But the electricity distribution company purchases as many meters as possible so that no alternation can be done.

Q-2. What is an EL LED light, and when does it turn on?

EL LED is an Indicator Light, which indicates unbalanced power flow through Phase or Neutral. It may be due to mismatching or misinterpretation of uneven electric current. It also happens when the two wires touch or Earth Leakage occurs.

Q-3. If EL LED Light is on, what precautions should the consumer take?

If the EL LED Light is on in the meter, it means that there is a current leakage somewhere. Such a situation should pay attention to the consumer where the current leakage is happening and be corrected immediately.

Q-4. What is the work of REV LED?

REV LED is an indicator light. This light indicates the reverse current flow from the connection of the power consumption to the power grid.

Q-5. What action should the consumer take when the REV LED is lit?

If REV LED is on in your meter, you should keep away the generator/Investors in your house from the Grid. As soon as you keep the generator/inverter separate from the Grid, this light will turn off automatically. If this light does not go off, help should be sought from the company supplying the service.

Q-6. Can a consumer view DHBVN current electricity bill Details Online?

Yes, the consumer should visit the official website of DHBVN. Click on the Icon of “View Bill” given in the Main Navigation Menu. Submit his account number and get information about his current bill.

Q-7. Can a consumer complaint online concerning DHBVN?

Yes, if a consumer has to complain about the DHBVN portal, he can make a complaint online. Go to the official website of DHBVN and click on the Icon of ‘Register Complaint’ given in the Main Navigation Menu. Type your complaint in the Complaint box and fill in other required information. Submit the form. Your complaint will be submitted. The consumer can also track the complaint online.

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