FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Ban: Pork Meat, Shorts-Sleeveless, And Sex Toys Banned In Qatar World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Ban – The world’s biggest World Cup of football will be held in Qatar, starting on November 20. Out of 32 teams participating in the World Cup Football 2022, warm-up matches will be played between 20 teams. For the last few days, football fans from all over the world have started gathering in Qatar.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Ban (Credit- News24)

However, this World Cup will differ from previous years’ FIFA World Cup. Fans coming to Qatar in search of fun and passion at the FIFA World Cup 2022 may be in for a disappointment. While on the one hand, the players participating in the tournament will have to face extreme heat, on the other hand, there are many restrictions on the fans.

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FIFA World Cup Alcohol Rules

The government has already made strict rules regarding drinking alcohol in Qatar, and if football fans do not follow these rules, they may have to face severe legal action and heavy fines.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Ban (Credit- News24)

However, the organizers of the FIFA World Cup 2022 have informed us that alcohol is served in licensed restaurants and many hotels across the country. It will also be made available in fan zones at certain times. But the biggest hurdle for football fans is that they cannot drink alcohol in any public place.

According to the information, it is believed that before this tournament of FIFA World Cup 2022 starts on November 20, about 1.2 million people are expected to visit Qatar. Along with this, it will be a challenging task for the Qatar Police to keep the fans under control on such a large scale.

Female fans will not get a chance to have fun.

Qatar is a Muslim country, and there is a ban on women wearing tight clothes. Women have to cover the upper part of their bodies, so football women fans have to cover the upper part of their bodies. Women football fans will also not be allowed to wear clothes above the knee.

Even the female fans in the stadium will have to come in full clothes. Sex outside marriage is illegal in Qatar. So couples who book hotel rooms together are already breaking the law. Same-sex conduct in Qatar is punishable by up to seven years in prison.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Ban (Credit- News24)

Apart from all this, taking photos, molesting, abusing and arguing with football fans without permission, who have come to Qatar to watch the FIFA World Cup, can cost them dearly, and they can even go to jail for this. If any fan tries to bring pork meat, porn or sex toys, he will be jailed.

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Restrictions on Male Fans in Qatar

There are many restrictions on women and male fans in Qatar. Fans are not allowed to take off their shirts in the stadium. Men are allowed to wear long cargo pants and light chinos in Qatar.

Past statistics from the Football World Cup suggest that soccer stadiums become sex assault hot spots when large game crowds attend the tournament. But thousands of female fans who traveled to the Muslim Gulf state in November have been warned they face prosecution if they report crimes.

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