How to Check Aadhar Authentication History?

UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History: The Government of India has started the obligation to link Aadhaar related services and schemes with Aadhaar. The Unique Identification Authority of India has started a provision to check UIDAI’s Aadhaar Identification History. Under which the cardholder can check his UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History online through the official website of UIDAI.

Under Aadhaar Authentication History, you can quickly check all the requests made regarding Aadhaar. But keep in mind that no other person can check your UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History through this online medium other than you. If you find any request/request in the authentication history, which you have not initiated, you can inform the UIDAI as soon as possible.

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What is UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History?

Aadhaar Authentication History is a type of Aadhaar detail that contains the details of all the transactions you did about Aadhaar. When you make any request to get a service related to Aadhaar, that transaction is registered by UIDAI in its database. This database related to transactions is called UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History. Requests relating to your demographic and biometric data under Aadhaar authentication transactions are not included in this database.

The following transactions are included in this database by UIDAI.

  • Transaction type (demographic, biometric or OTP-based),
  • date and time of transaction,
  • Certification Organization (UIDAI, EPFO, ITD, NIC, CDAC, etc.),
  • UIDAI response code,
  • Unique Aadhaar Transactions.

If you check the UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History online, you will be shown only 50 transactions for the last six months. The Unique Identification Authority of India provides the facility to the consumer to check the following six types of Aadhaar authentication transactions.

  • Demographic
  • Biometric
  • OTP
  • Demographic and Biometric
  • Biometric and OTP
  • Demographic and OTP

Under this online facility to check Aadhaar authentication history, you can also view Aadhar authentication history based on a specific date range. But keep in mind that the period chosen by you should not exceed six months. You can see up to 50 transactions correct at a time. If you want to know about a particular type of transaction, then you have to select the specific authentication type and relevant date range for the specific transaction.

Some important things related to Aadhaar Authentication History

Before checking Aadhar Authentication History, you should be aware of the following things.

  • Only after the mobile number of the Aadhar cardholder is linked with the Aadhar card can he check the Aadhaar authentication history.
  • The user can receive a maximum of 50 transaction results at a time.
  • The user under Aadhaar Authentication History can see only the last six months’ transactions.
  • Aadhaar authentication history can be checked by selecting a custom date range for a particular period.
  • It is the only way to check Aadhar authentication history online.
  • Under Aadhaar Authentication Transactions, you can view the failed transaction score along with the reason.

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How to Check Aadhaar Authentication History Online? 

If you want to check your Aadhar authentication history online from the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India, follow the steps below.

Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of UIDAI using the link The home page of the official website will open.

Step 2: On the home page, navigate to the “My Aadhar” section with the help of navigation and click on the link “Aadhaar Authentication History” from the options given under the sub-sections.

Step 3: A new page to check UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History will open on your screen.

Step 4: On the new page, enter your 12 digit Aadhar card number in the given column and enter the given security code captcha.

Step 5: After that, click on the button “Generate OTP.” On clicking on the button of the OTP generator, a one-time password will be received on your registered mobile number, and a new page will open.

Step 6: In the new window, select Authentication Type, date range, number of records and enter the OTP received in the given column. ‌

Step 7: Click on the button “Submit.” As you requested, the result of the Aadhaar Authentication History will be displayed on the screen.

Step 8: From here, you can check your UIDAI Aadhaar Card Authentication History Check / Aadhaar Authentication Transactions. If you come across any request that you have not initiated, report it to UIDAI as soon as possible.

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Aadhar Card by Unique Identification Authority of India provides a facility to the users to view the transactions done in the last six months related to Aadhar card online through the official website of UIDAI. UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History can be checked only by the Aadhaar user. You must check the Aadhaar transaction history from time to time to find out if there are any transactions you have not done. If you find any such transaction, report it to UIDAI immediately. UIDAI’s online facility to check Aadhar Authentication History is free.

UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History Related FAQs

Q.1: Can Aadhaar authentication transactions be viewed in one go-through online?

Ans: A maximum of 50 transactions can be viewed at a time under the facility to check UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History through the official website of UIDAI. Keep in mind that these transactions will be visible only for the last six months.

Q.2: Can I lock my Aadhaar biometric data, and will its transaction history be visible?

Ans- Yes, any Aadhar cardholder can visit the official website of UIDAI to corner his Aadhar biometric data. UIDAI has also provided the facility of locking Aadhaar biometric data through the mAadhaar mobile app. If you are locking the biometric data online, its information will also appear in the UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History.

Q.3: How can a person verify whether a website is authentic for entering Aadhar card details?

Ans- UIDAI has already notified you that you should enter the details related to your Aadhar card only on the authentic website. UIDAI has not devised any such mechanism so far. Therefore, do not make the details related to your Aadhar card available on any dubious type of website.

Q.4: What is the maximum period of transaction history that can be viewed online from the UIDAI portal?

Ans: You can also check only six months old UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History from the official website of UIDAI.

Q.5: How to Check Aadhaar Card Authentication History?

Ans: Follow the steps given below to check UIDAI Aadhar Authentication History:
First of all, visit the official website of UIDAI.
With the help of navigation, go to the “My Aadhar” section.
Click on the link “Aadhaar Authentication History.”
Enter your 12 digit Aadhar card number and captcha code.
Click on the button “Generate OTP.” ‌
Select Authentication Type, date range, number of records, and enter OTP. ‌
Click on the button “Submit.”

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