[Power Bank App] What is Power Bank Earning App?

Power Bank App: Thousands of people have lost their jobs during Kovid-19, due to which they have to face a lot of problems. In such volatile times, the trend of many online applications is enormous in the market from where you can earn money online. In most of these applications, Power Bank Earning App has emerged rapidly. 

This application provides you the facility to earn well by investing from home. But people have doubts about the Power Bank App whether the claims made by the developers of this application are valid or just fiction.

Is the power bank application a mere fantasy? How can this application help you make money? If you want to answer all these questions, read this post until the end because, in this post, we have provided detailed information about the Power Bank Earning App.

What exactly is Power Bank Earning App?


The application developers launched the Power Bank application in December 2020 during the COVID-19 transition period. It is an online running application and website known as Power Bank Earning App. Power Bank Earning App has been developed by Ramani Iyer, co-founder of Justdial Company and owner of a smartphone power bank rental network.

This application provides you with a platform to earn money online. According to the information so far, Power Bank Earning App provides you the option to invest money. You can get the investment with a good return by completing some daily tasks on this application.

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Power Bank App Details

Upon researching the website with the details of the Power Bank Earning App and other such online platforms, it has become apparent that the Power Bank Earning App owner is creating a website model by encouraging the crowd to invest.

In this application, a small investor earns a considerable amount by investing the amount in some other business (like the stock market, forex, online trading, etc.) without his knowledge. The profit earned by small investors from the large amount they earn by reinvesting in the stock market, forex, and online trading are collected and distributed to the users through the Power Bank app as a return on their initial investment.

Whereas the Power Bank Earning App owner claims that his company sells charging cabinets of power banks, which have been leased in the public market. The cost of the charging cabinet leased by the power bank company ranges from Rs.300 to Rs, and 1,50,000 has been stated.

According to the Power Bank App owner, users must first install Power Bank App on mobile to buy a cabinet. Before buying the companion charging cabinet, the user has to recharge that particular amount with the help of various payment modes like “Razerpay,” etc.


(Source Google Play Store,Alt text – power bank app)

Once the user recharges for a specific amount, the user can buy the cabinets at the desired price. You can’t buy without recharging a particular amount. Once this process is complete, users can see their hourly earnings displayed in “Total Assets.”

However, the company set some limits on buying cabinets, like if you buy 1 cabinet for ₹ 300, then you will get only one chance. Buying a cabinet for ₹ 600 will give you 6 chances, while recharging a specific amount of 15000 will give you a chance to buy a cabinet 15 times. Similarly, the process will continue further. Once you have purchased the cabinet, the Power Bank app pays you an hourly mileage rate for 24 hours as per the cabinet price.

Suppose if the cabinet purchase price is ₹ 15000, then you will be fixed ₹ 30 per hour through the power bank application. Due to this, you will earn ₹ 720 in 24 hours, but an 18% fee is taken out of it, i.e., by deducting ₹ 129 as a fee, you can earn ₹ 591 in 1 day. 

The total amount you invested in 26 working days of the month becomes ₹15366. You also get the total amount invested by you after 26 days. If you want to continue this investment further, you will get ₹591 per day as profit for 11 months.

The director can withdraw the money of user profit from his bank account, but he must have at least one hundred and fifty rupees for this.

Power Bank App Review

There are the following flaws in this Power Bank Earning Application.

  • The design of this application is horrible as, most of the time, it shows the wrong details of money.
  •  Detailed information about the business owner is not provided on this application.
  • This application is not registered under the Society Act, and of course, this company is not registered.
  • No further plans have been told through the Power Bank Earning Application.
  • Email ID, address, phone number, social media pages, etc., have not been provided for contacting the application owner or director.
  • A fee of up to 18% is charged for withdrawal of return on investment, which is very high.
  • Sometimes the profit for each hour is reduced.

All the things mentioned above raise doubts about the safety and trustworthiness of the Power Bank Earning Application. It is not sure whether this company has leased out many power banks in crowded places like business complexes, airports etc.

Power Bank App Positive Sides

It is not that people do not like this application.


(Source Google Play Store,Alt text – power bank app Review)


  • This application promises good profits to a user, which makes it appear that the owner of the company is capable of making this business profitable.
  • The Power Bank App users can transfer their profit money directly to their accounts without any hassle. This money withdrawal process is entirely password-protected, and the user must provide their bank account details while withdrawing money for the first time.


(Source Google,Alt text – power bank app Review)

Users can also get additional payments and investments on the Power Bank App. He has to refer other persons on this application to get additional payment. Through referral also, you can earn a good profit from this application. During the Kovid-19 pandemic, some people in the lockdown have admitted to achieving financial stability from the Power Bank App.

Is the Power Bank App Real or Fake?

There has been a new arrival in the application market, whose all the removals that have come so far are of a mixed successor. If you need money urgently, then you can use the Power Bank App. You should invest in this application for a small amount only. Withdraw all your late money as soon as possible.

Remember that not all applications available on the Google Play Store are reliable and authentic. Google Play Store reserves the right to remove any application at any time due to which you may be harmed. Intelligent people believe that it is not wise to play with the money saved for needs like medical, education etc.

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