Aadhar Card Application Form For Child

If you have small children studying in a school in your house and want to get their Aadhar card, follow the steps given below for the Aadhar card application.

Search Aadhar Form

First, go to the Google search engine and type in the Aadhaar Enrollment/Correction/Update Form. Press Enter to search. 

Download Aadhar Form Link

Aadhar card form related results will be displayed on the screen. Click on the result link at the top to download the Aadhar card form.

PDF Aadhar Card Form

On clicking on this link, Aadhar Card Enrollment/Correction/Update Form will open on the screen in PDF format.

Download/Print Icon

Download/print icon will appear on the right side of the PDF form. You can download/print Aadhar card application form for child using the download and print icon.

Download/Print Form

First download Aadhar Form for child from Download Icon and After that, print the downloaded PDF file using the print option.

Fill Application Form

Fill in all the information asked in the Aadhar card application form of the child, such as name, gender, date of birth, and residence address, in the prescribed columns.

Fill Parent Details

Parent details is must for apply child Aadhar. After this, fill in the parent’s Aadhar number details in the given column.

Parent's Aadhar Details

If the child is less than five years of age, it is necessary to provide the parent’s Aadhaar in the child’s Aadhaar application form.

Signature of Parent's

After filling the Aadhar card application form, the parents should put their signature in the space provided.

Required Documents

After this, submit the application form and the required documents to the Aadhaar Officer at the Aadhaar Enrollment Center.

Proof of Identity 

You can use the child’s date of birth certificate or photo identity card issued by the school as proof of identity.

Residence Proof

Aadhar card of parent or guardian or residence certificate issued by MP, MLA, Gazetted Officer, Panchayat, and Tehsildar can be presented as a residence certificate.

Child Age 5-15

DOB Certificate, ID card issued by the school, ID any institution on its letterhead, Aadhar card of parents/guardian, Any other ID issued by a Tehsildar or GOs.

Appointment for Aadhar

You can also make an online appointment from the official website of UIDAI before visiting the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre.

Biometric Data

Provide your biometric data to the Aadhaar officer. You will be given an Aadhaar Enrollment Receipt after the Aadhaar officer collects the biometric data.

Enrollment Receipt

In this Aadhaar Enrollment Receipt, your 14-digit Aadhaar Enrollment Number will be entered, which will be helpful to check the status of your Aadhaar.