RBI Launched UPI For Features Phone

RBI launched Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for feature phones on 08.03.2022 to bring India's nearly 400 million users under home payment network.

Basic Phone Users

Feature phones are basic phones that usually offer voice calling and text messaging. Out of 118 crore phone users in India, about 34 crore users have a basic phone.

Prior Service

Prior to launch, UPI was available on feature phones via complex USSD  data mode. The feature phone user had to get a set of *99# dial menus to initiate the transaction.

Christened UPI123Pay

Christened UPI123Pay, the new payment system for ordinary phone users, incorporates four different technologies.

1st Technology

One can initiate a secure call via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) numbers, which once registered can initiate financial transactions without internet connectivity.

2nd Method

Most of the UPI functions will be available on the feature phone through the app which allows almost all types of UPI transactions except scan and payment.

3rd Method

This method is a proximity sound based payment system, which uses sound waves to enable networking. Which makes contactless offline and proximity data communication across devices.

Via Missed Call

Through missed call - where users receive a callback from a standard number to authenticate and transact.

Use UPI Service

Now a user using a simple phone can also pay his bills etc. through UPI without internet.