How to Check Jharbhoomi Apana Khata Online?

If you want to check your account on Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Portal, then follow the steps or link given below.

Visit Jharbhoomi Portal

First of all go to the official website of Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Land Record Portal. The home page of the official website will open.

View Apana Khata

Click on the option “view your account” in the left sidebar of the home page. A new page will open containing district wise map of Jharkhand state.

Choose Your District

Click on the name of your district given in the state map. The map will open with the names of all the blocks coming in your district.

Choose Your Block

Click on the name of the block in which your village falls. A new page related to your account will open in front of you.

Select Halka & Type of Land

Select your Halka and type of land from the drop down list. After that choose your Maiza.

Search Options

Select one form (i) View all accounts of Mauja by name, (ii) View all accounts of Mauja by Khesra number (iii) View by account number (iv) View by name of account holder.

Search Account

Then click on the button “Search Account”. Your Apna Account details will be displayed on your screen based on the information provided by you.

View Apana Khata Details

In this way any person of Jharkhand state can check his account online through Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Portal.