What is Panchayat Darpan App?

From the App information of development works done in the Panchayat as well as the financial transactions and staff information can be obtained.


Through the Panchayat Darpan Mobile App, you can get the details of the accounts of all the development works of your Panchayat. These features are as follows –

Profile of Gram Panchayats

You will find profiles of all Gram, Janpad Panchayats, buildings of Zilla Panchayats, population, public representatives and govt servants of the Panchayat.

Work Profile

Find detailed profile of the construction and other works of Gram Panchayat, geo-tagged photos and description of the expenditure incurred on the works.

Panchayat Passbook

Here all the Gram Panchayat, Janpad Panchayat and District Panchayats have been given information about passbook and deposit-withdrawal of a single bank account.

Panchayat Record

Find detailed information of accounting system, property, budget, income-expenditure, administrative work and other records.

E-Payment Details

Find detailed information about the payment made by the Panchayats, scan copy of the bills and the facility to track the status of e-payment.

Gram Panchayat e-Office

Facility has been given to upload notice board, meeting/meeting details, geo-tagging of works, circulars and orders in the e-office of Gram Panchayat.

Meeting Details

Here information about the meetings of Panchayats, Gram Sabha, information of meetings and decisions taken in the meeting and action details are available.

Beneficiary Scheme Details

In the Panchayat Darpan, information about all beneficiary oriented schemes and their beneficiaries is available.

Install Mobile App

This mobile application can be installed by visiting Google Play Store or http://www.prd.mp.gov.in/ website link.