How to Search Madhya Pradesh Samagra ID?

If you want to see or search the Samagra ID of your family, then follow the steps given below for this.

Visit SSSM ID Portal

First , go to the official website of the Samagra ID Portal. The home page of the official website will open.

Know Your Family ID

The option of Know Your Family ID will appear on the home page. Click on this option of Know Your Family ID.

Search Options

After clicking on the option of Know your family ID, a new page will open. Various options to find the Samagra ID will appear.

Search Options

(i) View entire family and member ID (ii) View family and members from member ID (iii) Family ID (iv) Family member ID (v) Mobile number (vi) Aadhar number (vii) Bank account numb

Know Smagara family and member ID.

If you have family id then by family id you can search samagra id of other family members.

Search Family Samagra ID by Member

If you have family member id then you can search family samagra id by member id.

Search by Mobile

Even if you have a registered mobile number on the SSSM portal, you can search for family or member Samagra ID.

Search by Aadhar

Even if you have Aadhar card number, you can find out the overall ID of your family and member.

Search by Bank Account

Even if you have a registered bank account number in the Samagra ID, you can find out the Samagra ID of your family and member.

Smagar ID Search Way

Know your family and member first Search family and member by member id-Enter family member name and find family

Fill the Details

Enter the name of the family member to search by name Samagra ID and locate the family, fill the details correctly and submit.

View Your Smagara ID

As soon as you click on the submit key button your Samagra ID details will be displayed on the screen of your system.