How to Register On SeHAT OPD Portal 

If a beneficiary has to get service on the Health OPD portal, then the user needs to follow the following six steps to consult a doctor-

Registration Process 

Go to SeHAT OPD Portal . Click Patient Registration & Fill your mob number. Click on the Send OTP button. A OTP will be received  through SMS. Fill the OTP & click on the OK.


After registration, the user has to request a token for consultation with patent ID & upload health record. The user will receive the Patient ID and token via SMS.


During the token process, users are asked to log in via SMS notifications by SeHATOPD. Login to SeHAT OPD Portal with the help of user Patient ID.


Once logged in on the SeHAT OPD Portal, you have to wait for your turn to consult a specialist. If the waiting time exceeds 2 minutes, please refresh the page.


After user’s SeHAT OPD portal waiting time is over, the ‘Call Now’ button becomes active. After this, the process of establishing telemedicine contact with the Doctor begins.


After completion of consultation process SeHAT issues e-prescription based on consultation. Based on this prescription, the patient can take medicine from the medical store.