FIFA World Cup 2022: More than 2 thousand rooms, dozens of BARs, and wife-girlfriends of English players have stayed in this luxury ship

Wife-Girlfriends of English Players Have Stayed In This Luxury Ship-FIFA World Cup has started in Qatar, and relatives of English players have also reached here. The relatives of the players have decided to stay on a cruise instead of staying in the hotel. This ship is very luxurious, and its facilities will surprise you.

wife-girlfriends of English players have stayed in this luxury ship

FIFA World Cup 2022 is being played in Qatar this time. The country with a population of only 3 million is organizing the World Cup, the world’s most popular sport. Fans have reached here from all over the world, and there is a lot of problem with hotels and places. In such a situation, many fans of England, families, and friends of the players will stay on a cruise ship for the whole World Cup.

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Every facility is available on this cruise ship worth about one billion pounds, and it is no less than a five-star hotel. This is why girlfriends, wives, and families of all the players of England are camping on this cruise. What is the specialty of this cruise, know

wife-girlfriends of English players have stayed in this luxury ship

The cruise on which everyone is staying is named MSC World Europa, which is counted among the largest cruise ships in the world. It has about 33 bars and cafes, 14 pools, 13 dining venues, and six swimming pools, so the people staying there are fine.

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 This cruise will stand on the beach in Doha during the World Cup and serve as a five-star hotel. There is a facility to stay about 7000 people on this cruise; most of the people staying in it are relatives and friends of England players.

wife-girlfriends of English players have stayed in this luxury ship

The cruise has more than 2500 cabins spread over 21 malls. They have facilities like beds, wardrobes, bathrooms, and TV, but the real luxury is outside these rooms. Continental food from all over the world is available in the restaurant here so that the fan of any corner does not face any problems.

Let us tell you that the World Cup is happening this time in Qatar, and because of this, there are many restrictions. There is a ban on women wearing short clothes and drinking alcohol in the open. In such a situation, the England Football Club had already issued an advisory for the players’ wives and girlfriends that no one should wear short clothes. England is part of Group B in this World Cup, and its first match is against Iran on 21 November.

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